Why choose me to interpret and translate for your Russian cases and proceedings?

Here’s what my clients have to say…

Universally respected

“Ms. Hay is truly an outstanding interpreter. She is professional, courteous, and reliable. The highest compliment that I can give her is that my clients genuinely respect and trust her in matters of greatest importance in their lives. She is universally respected by our Federal and State Court Judges, Prosecutors, Court Staff, and the many lawyers and clients she serves. I count myself and the members of my firm among that vast group.”

– Brian McMonagle, Attorney at Law at McMonagle Perri McHugh Mischak & Davis

Consistently reliable, dependable, and energetic

“Tatiana Hay is a fine example of a professional interpreter. She displays attention to detail in every way with her conscientious approach to the matter at hand. She is consistently reliable, dependable, and energetic to the task required of her. It is comforting to know that Tatiana’s work product meets the highest level of need in the legal community.”

– Neil Hoffman, Esquire, Hoffman, Sternberg, Karpf & Lynch, LLC

Interpreting services with impeccable quality

“Tatiana has acted as an interpreter (Russian-English and vice versa) in a significant number of arbitrations before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in which I was involved as counsel. The quality of her interpreting service has always been impeccable. I recommend her without hesitation.”

– Ross Wenzel, General Counsel, World Anti-Doping Agency

Truly the best in the field

“Tatiana is the best Russian interpreter I have ever worked with, hands down. I too speak Russian and I can state from direct personal experience that she is the best! I cannot say enough positive adjectives to fully explain just what a joy it is to work with her. I can relax when she’s on the job because I know there won’t be any mistakes made in translation. Truly the best in the field!”

– Amy Sokolson, Partner at Velter Yurovsky Zoftis Sokolson, LLC

A tremendous asset and unparalleled abilities

“I have practiced criminal law for over thirty-three years, and during that time have been assisted by many excellent interpreters in various languages. However, from the standpoint of using the services of an interpreter, the case of United States v. Dmitry Ustinov was the most challenging one in which I have been involved. Both spoken and written interpretation of the Russian language were critical. Ms. Hay’s extensive assistance was a tremendous asset to the defense team. Her abilities as an interpreter, which I witnessed first-hand over an extended period of time, were unparalleled.”

- John S. Malik, Attorney at Law

Dedicated to honing her craft

“I have worked with Tatiana as a court-certified interpreter for many years in federal proceedings. She is simply THE BEST Russian-English interpreter in the tri-state area, and I write that with some authority as I am bilingual and can tell when an interpreter does not interpret every word or does not choose the most precise word. Tatiana’s interpretation is impeccable. She also uses the intonation of the original which is often lost in interpretation. Tatiana is dedicated to honing her craft and expanding into new areas of scientific expertise. (Note: Just because an interpreter says they can interpret a topic that is technically complex does not mean they can, and they will often “wing it”; Tatiana will learn the vocabulary and be accurate.) In addition, she is professional and a pleasure to work with. I hesitate to write this only because I do not want her to become unavailable when everyone learns how excellent she is!”

- Michelle Morgan, Former Federal Prosecutor and Litigation Partner at DLA Piper

Translating to perfection under tight deadlines


“I have worked with translators on more than a dozen occasions throughout my career, and I can state with confidence that Tatiana Hay is the most outstanding. Ms. Hay served as my firm’s translator in connection with our representation of Maria Sharapova before the ITF’s Independent Anti-Doping Tribunal and in the related appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS2016/A/4643, Maria Sharapova v. International Tennis Federation).

This matter – which was one the most high-profile anti-doping cases in history – involved tens of thousands of Russian language documents, which Ms. Hay translated to perfection under extremely tight timelines.  She served as a true partner to our team. Her responsiveness and accommodating nature rivaled that of the best lawyers I have ever worked with.

Moreover, given the worldwide media attention that this matter garnered, having a translator capable of maintaining confidentiality was critical. Tatiana proved herself time and time again to be a person of the utmost discretion. In fact, she became so trusted that she was selected – without opposition from our adversary – to serve as the translator at the hearing before the CAS Panel.  This was a true testament to her capabilities.

In sum, and in full candor, Tatiana Hay is the finest translator I have ever worked with. If I have another case involving Russian documents, she will be my first call.”


– James C. Clark, Attorney at Law, Fox Rothschild LLP

Unparalleled work ethic, commitment, and loyalty

“Upon first working with Ms. Hay, even for the short duration of our first interaction, I recognized her unique talents as an interpreter and her deeply held sense of professionalism and decorum. Not only did Ms. Hay provide seamless simultaneous interpretation during multiple court appearances, including an extended trial, but she also participated in countless client meetings and translated thousands of pages of documents, including court transcripts, legal filings, and communications with my client.

I would venture to say that I have been in Ms. Hay’s company for at least 500 hours (likely substantially more). I can only say that Ms. Hay is perhaps the finest interpreter with whom I have ever worked. Not only are her simultaneous interpretation skills near perfect, her work ethic in translating documents and transcripts, and her commitment and loyalty to the task are unparalleled. There is no question that in any instance which requires a Russian or Ukrainian interpreter, I will seek out Ms. Hay.”

- Mark E. Cedrone, Shareholder, Saxton & Stump

Well known for being the gold standard in a very difficult field

“As a family law practitioner in the tri-county area who often services various immigrant communities, I have had the pleasure to work with Ms. Tatiana Hay on numerous occasions since at least 2013. Her professionalism is unmatched. Her proficiency is unparalleled.

She is well known among court staff, the bench, and the bar for being the gold standard in a very difficult field. Ms. Hay’s performance in the most challenging of circumstances allows me to be confident that each word will be interpreted correctly whereby not compromising a witness’ testimony.”

– Marina Divinsky, Attorney at Law, Divinsky Law Firm, PC


Amazing work on a very high-profile and challenging matter

“Tatiana did AMAZING work for us on a very high-profile and challenging matter. She interpreted during a very fraught and difficult series of hearings, for a client who used highly technical language and was sometimes difficult to understand, and she translated very dense and technical written materials.

Her work on the translation project was consistently ahead of schedule and under budget. Moreover, she was a total professional, making her very easy to work with. I would never choose another Russian interpreter/translator — Tatiana is just that good all around!”

– Jim Walden, Partner at Walden Macht & Haran LLP