Your success is my priority. Here’s how I can help you.

I offer written and oral communication that is:

  •  true to your message – without omitting or adding
  • adapted for the right audience
  • captures nuances and takes culture into consideration
  • based on a clear understanding of the legal system and other fields

“I can only say that Ms. Hay is perhaps the finest interpreter with whom I have ever worked. Her work ethic, her commitment and loyalty to the task are unparalleled.”

- Mark E. Cedrone, Shareholder, Saxton & Stump


I provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation (including sight translation) in various settings. These include:

Federal, State and International Courts:


  • Criminal and civil proceedings: depositions, proffers, arbitration, mediation, trials
  • Administrative adjudication proceedings: social security and worker’s compensation hearings; vocational, psychological evaluations
  • Immigration proceedings: USCIS interviews, asylum hearings
  • Bankruptcy cases
  • Grand jury proceedings

Outside the Courts:


  • Delegations: State Department and other programs for educational, cultural, and professional exchange
  • Conference Interpreting
  • GMP audits (pharmaceuticals)
  • Medical assignments: pharmaceutical studies, medical expert testimony, IMEs, diagnostic studies, surgeries

What’s the difference between a translator and an interpreter?

While these terms are often used interchangeably, they are different. A translator converts written material from one language to another. An interpreter, however, converts spoken language back and forth between two languages, usually in a live setting. I’ve been doing both for over 20 years. Learn more.

State and Federal Courts

US Attorney’s Offices

Law Firms

Public Defender’s Offices

Children and Youth Services

Court Reporting and Litigation Support Agencies

“Ms. Hay translated to perfection under extremely tight timelines. She served as a true partner to our team. Her responsiveness and accommodating nature rivaled that of the best lawyers I have ever worked with.”

- James C. Clark, Attorney at Law, Fox Rothschild LLP


When you represent a Russian-speaking client, chances are, you will need documents translated into English. These include email and text message communications, agreements, various records, etc. I provide certified translation of original Russian documents for the purposes of litigation.

Here are a few examples of the types of documents I regularly translate for my clients:


  • Indictments, plea agreements, PSI reports, sentencing memoranda
  • Court rulings, motions, trial transcripts, appellate briefs, legal opinions
  • Business contracts, shareholder meeting minutes, corporate charters, financial charts, bank orders
  • Forensic expert reports (handwriting analysis, appraisals, postmortem, coroner reports)
  • Driver’s license, diplomas, college transcripts, military records
  • Birth, adoption, marriage, divorce and death certificates 
  • Medical records: diagnostic studies, immunization charts, treatment notes
  • Research and scientific publications


I transcribe and translate audio and video recordings using transcription equipment. These typically include undercover recordings, investigation interviews, phone conversations and other recordings.